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Date Added: June 9th, 2015 19:45:53 PM

Grading Rubric for a Power Point Project
Grading Rubric for a. Power Point Project. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Content. Content is accurate and information is presented in a logical order. Content is accurate but some.
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Rubric for PowerPoint Presentation- Time Travels
Rubric for PowerPoint Presentation- Time Travels http://www.scholastic.com. CATEGORY. 4. 3. 2. 1. Background. Background does not detract from text or.
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Scoring Rubric for PowerPoint Presentation or - ReadWriteThink
SCORING RUBRIC FOR POWERPOINT PRESENTATION OR BULLETIN BOARD. Exemplary – 4. Accomplished – 3. Developing – 2. Beginning – 1. Score .
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PowerPoint Assessment Rubric
PowerPoint Assessment Rubric. Key. Superior: 100-90 –Excellent: 80-89 Good: 70-79 Fair: 60-69 Poor: 0-59. © 2004 B. Ubovich. AP Music Theory. CATEGORY.
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PowerPoint Rubric
PPT Rubric 1. M. Poarch – 2000 http://science-class.net. PowerPoint Rubric. Novice. 10 Points. Emergent. 11 Points. Skilled. 13 Points. Expert. 14 Points. Text .
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“All About Me” PowerPoint Rubric
“All About Me” PowerPoint Rubric. CATEGORY 4. 3. 2. 1. Background Background does not detract from text or other graphics. Choice of background is .
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PowerPoint Presentation Evaluation Rubric
PowerPoint Presentation Evaluation Rubric. TA: Section: Date: Student Name: Major: circle one: BS. BA. Student Name: Major: circle one: BS. BA. Student Name ...
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Digital Media Assignment Rubric
This DMA Rubric was created using others' work. We give credit to ... Draft PowerPoint. [email protected] Dropbox. PPT. 25. Instructor. Rubric B. May 2. Monday. #4.
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Rubric Development for Assessment
Mar 2, 2015 ... rubric or other clear criteria and documents findings. Departments constitute an assessment committee to review student work. Faculty collect.
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Ohio Resource Center
Welcome to the Ohio Resource Center. Funding has ended for core work of the Ohio Resource Center (ORC). The ORC websites ohiorc.org and rec.ohiorc.org ...
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CREAtiNG RUBRiCS - University of Northern Iowa
9. How to Create and Use a Scoring Rubric – Skidmore College ... http://www. sdst.org/shs/library/powerpoint/rubrics.ppt#256,1,Tips. 12. Rubistar – Website to  ...
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PowerPoint Rubric
PowerPoint Rubric. ACTIVITY. Exemplary. Proficient. Partially Proficient. Incomplete. Introduction. * The introduction presents the overall topic and draws the.
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Final Project Grading Rubric: PowerPoint - Historyteacher.net
Final Project Grading Rubric: PowerPoint Presentation. GRADE RANGE. CRITERIA FOR SCORING. 4.5 5. • Thorough and in-depth work which fully meets or ...
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PowerPoint Slide Show Assessment - Beacon Learning Center
PowerPoint. Table of Contents. Item. Page Number. Teacher Instructions. 2. Student Instructions. 2. Scoring Method. 2. Rubric. 3. Dog Gone “Paw”erful Writing ...
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rubric for science project - Edutopia
and charts are missing. PowerPoint is unclear, and long bullets are used to make state- ments. Graphics are not used. RUBRIC FOR SCIENCE PROJECT.
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A+ PowerPoint Rubric - The Science Spot
Power Point & Google Apps Rubric. ACTIVITY. Exemplary (10). Proficient (8). Partially Proficient (6). Incomplete (4). Use of. Technology. *Followed instructions.
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Public Service Announcement: PowerPoint Slide Scoring Rubric
production enhancements that make the PowerPoint slide more engaging, and the overall appearance of the final product. The following rubric will help you to.
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an analytical rubric for powerpoint presentations - ESERA
Keywords: meiosis, pedagogical content knowledge, analytical rubric, assessment,. PowerPoint® presentation. INTRODUCTION. Meiosis is a specialized type ...
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Environmental Science Video Presentation Project Rubric for
Information should include the issue's background, viewpoints, and solutions. See rubric below for more specific guidelines. PowerPoint slides should include ...
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Guidelines for PowerPoint Presentations
Oral Presentations Scoring Rubric. Excellent (4). Good (3). Adequate (2). Weak ( 1). RESPONSE TO ASSIGNMENT: Oral presentations are expected to.
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Guidelines for PowerPoint Presentations
Oral Presentations Scoring Rubric. Excellent (4). Good (3). Adequate (2). Weak ( 1). RESPONSE TO ASSIGNMENT: Oral presentations are expected to.
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Student Led IEP Power Point Rubric Student Name: Due Date: Slide
Student Led IEP. Power Point Rubric. Student Name: Due Date: Slide Title. Things to include. Points. Possible. Points. Earned. 1. WELCOME TO MY. MEETING.
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PowerPoint Poster Rubric - G. Web
Follows guidelines for PowerPoint Poster o Appropriate background color selected (white) o Standard font and font sizes selected for different sections and.
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Business Plan Rubric
May 16, 2014 ... The score will be based on the rubric below. The plan ... Submit a PowerPoint presentation and Business/Service Plan via email or CD-.
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Invasive Species Research Assignment - MMS Crusaders
Science PowerPoint/Presentation Evaluation Rubric assignment: Student names/ Score. Category. Scoring Criteria points. Title Slide. 5 points. This slide features ...
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Multimedia Book Report Rubric (Fiction)
0. Multimedia Book Report Rubric (Fiction). For use with HyperStudio, PowerPoint or KidPix. (May be duplicated for classroom use as long as no fee is charged ...
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Data Wise Rubric DW Handout - iSites
For each of the eight steps of the Data Wise Improvement Process, the rubric lists key tasks and .... des from PowerPoint presenta%ons in which mini-‐lessons a.
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Energy City of the Future Rubric 2016
Houston: Energy City of the Future 2050. 2016 Competition Finals. PowerPoint Presentation Rubric. Team Number: Judge: Score: Category. (Slide Number).
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Journaling and Rubrics - Center for Teaching and Assessment of
•A rubric is an authentic assessment tool used to measure students' work. – Faculty-generated ..... Rubrics at-a-glance (PowerPoint Show - requires Internet ...
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